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Chicken Skin

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Chicken Skin

AHA: Remove Chicken Skin

The American Heart Association recommends removing the skin from chicken, turkey and other poultry before cooking, except when roasting. When roasting, the skin should be removed before the meat is eaten.

Removing the skin lowers the fat (especially saturated fat and cholesterol).

Data from the USDA show that chicken with skin is higher in fat than chicken without skin.

The color of chicken skin does not indicate quality. Skin color ranges from yellow to white, depending on the breed of chicken and what it was fed.

How to Remove the Chicken Skin

  • To remove the skin from a chicken thigh, grasp the skin tightly at the joint end and pull it off in one piece. You may need a sharp knife to cut the skin off. Grasp the skin with a piece of paper towel or dip your fingers in salt in the skin is too "slippery". This will help you grip the chicken/skin. And if you do dip your fingers in salt, do be sure to discard the salt when you are done using it!
  • For drumsticks, grasp the meaty end of the drumstick and proceed to pull the skin down and off the end.
  • Wing tips and joints are too difficult to skin, so don't worry about those pieces.

Fat under chicken skin high in cholesterol

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