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Tenderizing Chicken Breasts

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Chicken Breasts

Most Tender Chicken Breasts Ever!

Not cooked properly, chicken breasts can be dry, tough and bland. Try these tips on tenderizing your chicken breasts.

  • Wet the inside of a gallon freezer bag with a little water.
  • Place one or two (depending on size) boneless, skinless chicken breasts inside the bag - no need to seal.
  • Lay the bag on a work surface and pound the chicken breasts to the desired thickness.

The water keeps the chicken breasts from sticking and tearing, plus there is no mess.


Velveting is a method of marinating and pre-cooking meat to make it tender prior to incorporating it into a dish. This can be done in advance. Here is a standard recipe-process for velveting:

1 lb boneless chicken breasts
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 large egg white
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon Sweet Cooking Rice Wine*
2 cups oil for frying

*Can use dry sherry in place of rice wine, if desired or necessary.

Remove any skin from the chicken and cut it into pieces whatever size you require. Put the chicken into a mixing bowl, then add the salt and rice wine and stir. Beat the egg white until the gel is broken - it should not be frothy (this could cause the coating to puff and disintegrate). Add the egg white to the chicken, sprinkle in the cornstarch, and mix well.

Add the tablespoon of oil and stir until smooth. Place the bowl in the fridge and leave to marinate for at least 30 minutes, so the coating has time to adhere to the meat. When done marinating, you're ready to cook the meat.

Did You Know?

Restaurants serve very tender, moist chicken breast all the time. How? They submerge the breast in buttermilk for 3 to 4 hours under refrigeration before cooking.

Cooking a juicier chicken

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