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Decorating Candies

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If you enjoy using candy for special decorations, consider making a candy ornament:

  • Take a styrofoam ball and glue a piece of colored ribbon in a loop at the very top of the ball. Using a low-temperature glue gun for best results. (The ribbon will be used to hang your ornament when it is finished.) Now you can cover your styrofoam ball with fun colored gumballs or hard candies (again with your glue gun).

Gumball Picture Frame

Using a simple, inexpensive wooden frame, first paint it your choice of color. Then take hard gum balls and glue them onto the frame (again, best to use a glue gun). Finally, spray with an acrylic sealer - this will protect the surface of the candies.

You can also use an inexpensive slide-in type plastic frame that hasn't any borders. Using craft glue, put a narrow line around the front edges of the frame and then arrange your favorite colored candies as desired.

Jelly Bean History

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