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Refresh Limp Artichokes

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Bring Limp Artichokes Back to Life

  • To refresh limp artichokes, simply re-cut the stems, then stand the artichokes in a bowl or glass of cold water and chill. Change the water daily and they will keep for days. This also works with asparagus spears and broccoli.
  • Use a stainless steel blade to cut artichokes. A carbon blade will discolor the flesh of the artichoke. Avoid cooking artichokes in aluminum or iron pans. These pans will make your artichokes an unpleasant gray-green color.
  • Avoid serving wine with artichokes. Most experts agree that artichokes ruin the flavor of a wine.
  • When cooking artichokes you can obtain a better flavor if you add a small amount of sugar and salt to the water. They will be sweeter and will retain their color better.

Nutrition Note:

Artichokes are nutrient dense, so, for the 25 calories in a medium artichoke, you're getting 16 essential nutrients!

Did You Know?

Virtually 100 percent of all artichokes grown commercially in the United States are grown in California.

Artichoke Nutrition Tip

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