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Building Global Hamburgers

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Use the "other" burger -- Pork -- as the basis for burger adventures enhanced with your favorite global flavors.

Building Global hamburgers

Pacific Burger

Top your burger with sunflower seeds, a grilled pineapple slice and honey Dijon-style mustard. Serve on sourdough bread.

Caribbean Burger

Add mango slices, Dave's Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce, slices of red onion and chopped fresh cilantro; serve on grilled bun brushed with olive oil.

Fresh herbs for buiding global hamburgers

Mediterranean Burger

Top with a mixture of plain yogurt, chopped fresh dill and chopped cucumber; serve in a pita bread pocket.

Add the following mixes to one pound of ground pork or lean ground round:

Cajun Burgers

Add 1/4-teaspoon each:

  1. crushed thyme
  2. oregano
  3. cayenne pepper

Jerk Burgers

Add 1/4- teaspoon each:

  1. ground cloves
  2. oregano
  3. thyme

Bangkok Burgers

Add 1-teaspoon grated fresh ginger root and 1-teaspoon soy sauce.

Southwest Burgers

Add 1/4-teaspoon each:

  1. ground cumin
  2. oregano
  3. cayenne pepper

Burger Supreme

Broil 4-ounces lean ground turkey patty until cooked through. Toast one soft bun. Place burger on bottom half of bun; top with 1-cup steamed red bell pepper strips, 1-1/2 ounce 2-percent Monterey Jack cheese, and 1-tablespoon ketchup; top with remaining bun half.

Tips for Perfected Burger Patties

Burger Patties

  1. Start with fresh, not frozen, ground meat. In addition to compromising taste, frozen meat may not hold together well on the grill. Fresh means two days or less in the refrigerator.
  2. Cut fat by substituting a portion of meat with lightly sauteed or finely grated potato or carrot. Tomato sauce is especially useful to improve moisture content if you're using 95-percent lean ground beef.
  3. Blend in seasonings such as garlic, basil, or onions gently with a fork. Careful with salt; over salting may result in tough patties because it dries out the meat.
  4. Make a small indentation in the middle of your patties. Lightly press the center with fingers when making the patty. This helps prevent breaking and allows even cooking.
  5. Don't mash the patty when cooking. This squeezes out the juices. The perception is that you're removing excess grease, which is not necessarily the case. Make a thin, flat patty, and move it to a paper towel after cooking to absorb excess fat.

Did You Know?

In 1885 Charles Nagreen of Seymour, Wisconsin, claimed to invent the hamburger when he placed fried ground meat between two slices of bread so that patrons of his Outgamie County Fair food stand could eat while they walked.

All the sesame seeds in McDonald's hamburger buns are produced in Mexico.

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