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Daily Nutrition Guide
Women 25-50 Women over 50 All Men over 24
Calories 2200 1900 or less 2900
Fat 73g or less 63g or less 96g or less
Saturated Fat 24g or less 21g or less 32g or less
Cholesterol 300mg or less 300mg or less 300mg or less
Sodium 2400mg or less 2400mg or less 2400mg or less
Carbohydrates 335g 283g 446g
Fiber 20 - 30g 20 - 30g 20 - 30g
Protein 50g 50g or less 63g
This chart is only a general guide. Calorie requirements vary, depending on size, weight and amount of activity. Children's calorie and protein needs vary as they grow.

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