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For the low carb dieter, a moderate intensity exercise regime is encouraged.

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In fact, studies show a low-carb diet improves one's exercise performance when compared to "balanced" diets, even when the caloric intake matches.

Exercising with a barbell When the low-carb dieter exercises , the body will tap into more free fatty acids in comparison to exercisers on other diets.

An essential point to keep in mind here is moderate intensity exercise. High intensity exercise can result in a shorter time span to exhaustion during the exercise session in the low carb dieter. This will make for a miserable exercise experience and you may not wish to subject yourself to the experience again. This can also cause a very negative attitude toward exercise - something we all need to avoid!

If you wanted to, you could try cross-training i.e., interval intermittent exercises where you push hard for one to two minutes, then slow down for one or two minutes. If you try this with your cardiovascular workout, be sure you allow sufficient recovery time between high and low intensity bouts.

Exercising with a barbell overhead lift Strength training brings us into a whole new realm of exercise. Body-building is done for one purpose, as we are all aware - increased muscle mass. One cannot achieve increased muscle mass on a low-carb diet in and of itself. You have to exercise. You could use the cross training - also called interval training - type of workout for body-building as well. For example, do two minutes of moderate intensity aerobics followed by two minutes of weight lifting. This is an excellent form of working out for anyone.

In summation, exercise is definitely encouraged in the low carb dieter. The type of exercise you engage in is entirely up to you. Keep in mind however, you should avoid high-intensity and high-duration exercise and if you choose interval training, do not forget to allow sufficient recovery time between exercises.

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