Free Foods List

A free food is any food or drink that contains
less than 20 calories or less than 5 grams of
carbohydrate per serving. Foods with a serving
size listed should be limited to three servings
per day. Be sure to spread them out throughout
the day. If you eat all three servings at one time,
it could affect your blood glucose level.
Foods listed without a serving size can eaten as
often as you like.

    Fat-free Or Reduced-fat Foods
    Cream cheese, fat-free
    Creamers, nondairy, liquid
    Creamers, nondairy, powdered
    Mayonnaise, fat-free
    Mayonnaise, reduced-fat
    Margarine, fat-free
    Margarine, reduced-fat
    Miracle Whip, nonfat
    Miracle Whip, reduced-fat
    Nonstick cooking spray
    Salad dressing, fat-free
    Salad dressing, fat-free, Italian
    Sour cream, fat-free, reduced-fat
    Whipped topping, regular or light
    1 Tbsp
    1 Tbsp
    2 tsp
    1 Tbsp
    1 tsp
    4 Tbsp
    1 tsp
    1 Tbsp
    1 tsp
    1 Tbsp
    2 Tbsp
    1/4 cup
    1 Tbsp
    2 Tbsp
    Sugar-free Or Low-Sugar Foods
    Candy, hard, sugar-free
    Gelatin dessert, sugar-free
    Gelatin, unflavored
    Gum, sugar-free
    Jam or jelly, low-sugar or light
    Sugar substitutes*
    Syrup, sugar-free
    1 candy
    2 tsp
    2 Tbsp

    *Sugar substitutes, alternatives, or replacements
    that are approved by the Food & Drug
    Administration (FDA) are safe to use.
    Common brand names include:
    • Equal(aspartame)
    • Sprinkle Sweet(saccharin)
    • Sweet One(acesulfame K)
    • Sweet-10(saccharin)
    • Sugar Twin(saccharin)
    • Sweet 'n Low(saccharin)

    Bouillon, broth, consomme'
    Boullon or broth, low-sodium
    Carbonated or mineral water
    Club soda
    Cocoa powder, unsweetened
    Diet soft drinks, sugar-free
    Drink mixes, sugar-free
    Tonic water, sugar-free
    1 Tbsp

    Lemon juice
    Lime juice
    Pickles, dill
    Soy sauce, regular or light
    Taco sauce
    1 Tbsp
    1 1/2 large
    1 Tbsp
    Flavoring extracts
    Herbs, fresh or dried
    Tabasco or hot pepper sauce
    Wine, used in cooking
    Worcestershire sauce

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