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Fighting a Weight Loss Plateau

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You have been eating all the right foods, exercising for at least 30 minutes each day, you have dropped one size, but suddenly you have hit a wall and the weight is not coming off anymore. Do you give up on your fat burning attempts?

Fighting Weight

"Do not give up," says Baltimore based registered dietitian Noralyn Wilson, an American Dietetic Association spokesperson. "Weight loss plateaus are very common. Be patient. Plateaus are a normal part of weight loss. As you lose weight, your body needs fewer calories to function."

The first step in getting over the plateau is to celebrate the initial weight loss, then move on. It may be time to increase the duration or the intensity of your exercise each day or to try a new physical activity that is more challenging.

Keep a Food Diary

Also, if you haven't been keeping a food diary, this might be a good time to start. A food diary can give you insights into your eating habits and help identify areas you might need to change. A diary will also make you think before indulging in a high fat snack that might hinder further loss. See Keeping a Food Diary.

Health "Tools"

Also check out the Health and Wellness Tools page for printable pages to help you keep track of eating and-or exercising.

Consider reassessing your weight loss goal. Ask yourself if it is realistic or appropriate for you? A registered dietitian can provide strategies to help you get your weight loss plan back on track.

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