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Facial Exercise Works!

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There has been much debate about facial exercise. Several programs are available. They vary greatly. One uses elastic bands and weights, one uses low grade electrical charge, and one uses a facial covering.

Many people act as if the idea that facial exercise could help the face is ridiculous, but what is odd is that it could be believed that facial exercise can help every area of the body and not help the face.

Many people are confused by statements which conclude that the overuse of muscles can cause the creation and exagerration of wrinkles.

The statement is part true, and part false. What actually happens is that some muscles are worked often and some are barely used, which basically lets the skin fold into crevices. Skin is not evenly distributed because it is not evenly supported.

When law enforcement is looking for someone and a bust or drawing is created of an adult personality facial lines and demeanor are taken into consideration. Attitude can draw lines on your face.

Side view of jaw line

The following exercise utilizes all the muscles of the face. Those often used and those rarely used to create an even skin tone. It is not unusual to see a difference in a week.

The following is an exercise for the jawline, plus it helps with a double chin:

  1. First you rest your hand on your neck just below the jawline. The hand is there so you can feel the muscles of the face working.
  2. Then you open your mouth half way and keep it open throughout the exercise.
  3. Then you try to make a big frown with the corners of your mouth down, all while holding your mouth open.
  4. With your hand you will feel all the muscles of your neck and jawline being worked and exercised, muscle against muscle.

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