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Men: Build a Bigger Chest

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Five must-do exercises for your pecs. Follow these guidelines and see results in only a few weeks!

Chest Muscles Also Known As Pecs

Must-do 1
Focus on technique rather than trying to lift heavy weights.

Must-do 2
Intensity and effort should take precedence over ego-driven lifting.

Must-do 3
Try doing barbell work first to capitalize on your strength.

Must-do 4
Always use a spotter on heavy bench presses to ensure your safety.

Must-do 5
Stay consistent with a program that's effective. Change for the sake of change is absurd.

Boost your chest training intensity:

Exercising with a Barbell

  • Vary your grip width. While doing the barbell flat-bench, decline, or incline press, try using four different grip widths in one set. Start with a close grip, where your thumbs almost touch, go a little wider, then go to a normal shoulder-width grip, and lastly go a tad wider than that. Do ten reps at each spot, for two to three sets at most.
  • Add a half. Start with one full movement where you lower the bar to your chest and return to the top of your range. Then have your spotter hold his hand above your chest at half-rep range while you lift the bar up to the hand and then lower it back to your chest. These two moves together would count as one repetition.

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