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Building Muscle Mass

Fitness for mind and body.

The rules for gaining muscle are simple, but they take discipline to apply, so read carefully and be determined to carry them out.

1. To gain muscle, you need to eat more calories every day.

Man building muscle mass with barbell

Muscle is defined as "the contractile tissue that effects the movement of and within the body." (Source: The Free Dictionary)

2. Have your body fat tested to determine your lean body weight and have a personal trainer or nutritionist recommend how much protein you need to gain muscle mass. Read more about body fat testing and gaining muscle on our blog: Fighting the Fat Fight.


  • Eat adequate amounts of fat (15-percent) and carbohydrates (55-percent).
  • Protein should make up 30-percent of your diet.
  • Weight train intensely three or four times a week, no longer than one hour per session.
  • Limit your cardio workouts for maximum muscle gains.
  • Sleep! Shoot for eight to ten hours a night.
  • Drink loads of water.

Stay focused on the big picture: Overall Health!

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