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Five Easy Steps to Master New Skills

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Taking up activities such as golf or tennis are great ways to get fit and stay fit. However, perfecting skills can be frustrating enough to send you back to the couch. Lessons can help you, but you will do better if you follow this five-step learning technique.

Attitude Changes Everything Sign

When learning sports skills, you need to keep a positive attitude and perform well under pressure. These steps can help you do that. Older adults have proven they learn to putt better in golf when applying these five steps. Try them while you are practicing and while you are playing!

Step One

Good attitude makes you a winner!

Get Ready: Relax your mind and body with a few deep, slow breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Shake your arms to release tension.

Step Two

Visualize in your mind, picture yourself performing the skill perfectly. You are more likely to succeed if you can see it in your mind. In other words, believe in your own ability!

Step Three

Focus: Hone your attention on one specific element. If you are putting, focus on the dimples on the golf ball. This helps block out distractions.

Step Four

Just do it: Perform the skill without thinking about it. Although people tend to focus their attention on the mechanics of the task at hand, performance actually improves when you let the skill come naturally without giving too much thought to it.

Step Five

Evaluate the situation: Step back, evaluate what happened. If you were serving a tennis ball, did it make it over the net? Did it stay in bounds? If yes, give yourself a pat on the back. If not, make a mental note of the adjustments you need to make and start at the beginning.

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