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Add Color to Your Diet

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A book came out entitled "What Color Is Your Diet? " due to the fact that nutrition experts now feel the more color in our diet, the healthier we will be. This obviously points us toward more fruits and vegetables, which is not a new concept at all. However, the more we learn about our fruits and vegetables and the good they can do us, the healthier we can be.

The Colors of Fruits and Vegetables

Bowl of colorful fruits and vegetables Color enters the picture because some phytochemicals are responsible for the pigments in produce. The substance that makes the blueberry blue has antioxidant characteristics that can be powerful cancer fighters. Tomatoes are red because of an antioxidant that links to lower rates of cancer as well as decreased rates of heart disease.

Scientists believe that phytochemicals work in combination with one another. It is not enough to eat red or blue -- on must use a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables with beige -- as in chicken breast and whole-wheat bread -- as an accent color.

Suggestions for adding color to your diet:

  • Reduce your meat portions
  • Switch from mashed potatoes to sliced carrots
  • Switch your corn to spinach
  • Add more color with red pepper, tomato sauce, garlic, onions or broccoli
  • Top off chicken or fish with rinds of oranges or lemons
  • Have mixed berries for dessert
  • Aim for multicolored fruit salads
  • Throw every color you find at a salad bar on your plate

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