Fab Abs in Five Minutes a Day!

Fab Abs in Five Minutes a Day!

That's Right, Fabulous Abs in Only Five Minutes a Day!

You can have fabulous abdominal muscles with just a five-minute investment each day. Five simple, safe and effective moves - - no equipment -- are all you need. You truly can achieve your desired results with just a five-minute effort and the floor. A mat might not be a bad idea to use, but is not necessary. This abdominal workout is neither tiresome nor boring -- it goes too fast!

Please note: This is a PDF manual that includes thorough descriptions (including images) of exercises you can perform in 5 minutes to achieve firm, toned abdominal muscles safely and effectively when performed as instructed. When ordering, you will receive a PDF document via instant download.

Work Your Core

The exercises in this manual will work the entire core area of your abdominal muscles. This increases the effectiveness of your workout, allowing you to do them in the least amount of time. Five moves are combined and you do each move for one minute -- it's that simple! This approach keeps the workout challenging, upbeat and staves off boredom.

No matter where you are -- home, office, or the park -- you can use these five moves to build stronger, more appealing stomach muscles. If you reach the point you feel you would like more of a challenge, simply add a standard set of ankle weights.

Strong abdominal muscles have many benefits in addition to looking great. They can help alleviate lower back pain (this manual is a great compliment to the back manual), improve posture and are an essential to overall good health. Having strong abdominal muscles is imperative to good health and well-being. Every movement the human body makes involves the abdominals to some degree -- think about that! Every movement! This is why it is so important to keep your abdominals strong and healthy.

It does not matter if you are thin, overwieght or just in-between -- strong abs are essential to everyone from every walk of life and of every shape and size. This is the only ab program you will ever need! Forget those machines -- they do not work anyway and can even be harmful and besides, they're expensive. The best purpose they serve is lining the pockets of those who created them -- but would not use them, themselves!

Now surely you can find five minutes in your day to put such a simple, safe and effective program to work - so what are you waiting for!?

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