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Walking Clothes

Dress for walking.

Under normal weather conditions, there is great flexibility in the type of clothes you can wear while walking. It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothing. This may include shorts made of natural material and a tee shirt or a warm-up suit.

Man dressed for walking on a treadmill

Rubberized clothing should be avoided. Under special weather conditions, the type of clothing you wear is extremely important. The following are some clothing guidelines under certain conditions:

Cold Weather Walking Clothes

Dress warmly -- This means wearing layers of clothing which trap the heat and allow you to remove layers if it gets warmer. One guideline is to wear one less layer than you would if you were outside in that weather when you were not walking. Always wear a hat. A significant part (approximately 30 percent) of your body heat is lost through your head.

Rainy and snowy weather

In really cold weather, cover all extremities to avoid frostbite. Mittens, thermal underwear and an extra pair of socks are definitely recommended. (If you have problems with your heart, ask your doctor if it is all right to walk in very cold weather).

Warm Weather Walking Clothes

Less is more -- wear light clothing. Also wear a hat to block the rays of the sun and sun glasses to protect your eyes.


In rain or snow, a water and windproof jacket makes a great addition to your walking wardrobe. It's amazing how good a walk in the rain can feel afterwards, too! There is something invigorating and it seems to help you "beat those rainy blues". Try it! Especially if it's the last thing you feel like doing on a rainy day...you may be delightfully surprised at how good you feel afterwards!


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