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Walking: It is Now up to You

Decision making time!

Now that you have found out all about walking, it is up to you to make walking a part of your life. Once you have selected one of the above exercise programs or have designed your own, it is a good idea to do the following:

  1. Set goals
  2. Make a time commitment
  3. Keep track of your progress

Set Goals

Goal setting is one of the most important aspects of any exercise program. While one of the above exercise programs is a start, it is still necessary to set your own personal short term, intermediate and long-term goals. These goals may be based on weight, distance, time, heart rate or any other measurable unit.

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Try to avoid having vague goals (example would be telling yourself you just want to feel better). Once you have set a goal, make a plan to reach these goals. Part of this plan should include the above exercise programs but may include non-exercise actions such as going on a diet.

Make a Time Commitment

Find time for walking. It may not be necessary to walk the same time every day, but make sure you schedule your walks. Every time you miss a session, it will be that much harder to reach your goals.

Keep Track

Measure your walk, record these measurements and write down your progress in meeting your goals. The pedometer you just purchased is perfect for helping you keep track of your walking accomplishments.

Keeping a journal is a perfect way to keep track of your walking accomplishments, so we've made one for you to help you get started. View and print the Walking Chart. (A new window will open).

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