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Wide Grip Seated Row Exercise

Essential Exercise

This exercise works both your back and chest muscles.

Tips and Safety Advice

Keep your back straight and midsection tight throughout the exercise. Don't use momentum to move the weight.

As you pull the weight back squeeze your shoulder blades together as if you were trying to hold something in between them.

We show the exercise utilizing a machine below; however, you can also do this standing straight and tall using a theraband. They are especially safe for beginners. Standing tall, hold the theraband at a resistant grip, with both hands, in front of your body. Slowly and steadily pull back toward your torso. Return to starting position, repeat.

How to perform Wide Grip Seated Row Exercise:

  1. Sit facing a low pulley machine with your legs bent comfortably and your back upright.
  2. Grasp the wide-grip handle firmly and pull in towards your stomach. Only your shoulders and arms should move during this exercise.
  3. Exhale as you pull the handle in, inhale as you let it out.

Wide Grip Seated Row Exercise

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