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Quick Warm Up Exercise

Essential Exercise

When we say quick, we do our best to mean quick! Warming up is very important - an engine needs oil to run, correct? Yes. A warm up can be thought of as sort of "lubricating" your body for your workout. The light aerobic activity gets your blood flowing and literally warms up the muscles to better prepare them for the strain of a workout.

But that doesn't mean to rush through your warm-up. And don't skimp on stretching once you've moved or walked for about five minutes -- the stretching is equally as important and feels very good!

How to perform a Quick Warm Up Exercise:

  1. Warm up your body first by walking or moving slowly for five minutes.
  2. Afterwards, do some stretching exercises. This will limber up your body and prepare it for activity that is more strenuous. Be sure to stretch your legs, arms, back, torso and shoulder and neck muscles.
  3. You can also do a moderate exercise such as jumping rope for five minutes or so, then stretch.

jumping rope

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