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Walking Lunge Exercise

Essential Exercise


Keep torso upright during lunge; flexible hip flexors are important.

A long lunge emphasizes the Gluteus Maximus; a short lunge emphasizes Quadriceps.

Gluteus Maximus and Quadriceps

How to perform The Walking Lunge Exercise:

  1. Grab a barbell to hold on your shoulders, or a pair of dumbbells to hold at your sides. Stand with your feet hip-width apart at one end of your house or gym. Safety Note: If you are new to this exercise, use the dumbbells until you become stronger.
  2. Lunge forward with your left leg bending the knee 90-degrees. Your right knee should also bend and almost touch the floor.
  3. Stand and bring your right foot up next to your left, then repeat with the right leg lunging forward. That is one repetition.
  4. Continue until you have completed half your repetitions in this direction. Turn and do the same number of walking lunges back to your starting point.

Walking Lunge holding barbell

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