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No Crunch Tummy Tightener Exercise

Essential Exercise

This is a great alternative to the regular crunch for anyone who feels discomfort when performing them. Some people develop back pain, or even stomach and/or side cramps. Other's just want a change of pace to prevent boredom and monotony. Give this tummy exercise a try - it's great for toning and tightening those abs!

Beginners: Inhale as you lift your arm and leg, then exhale as you slowly lower them back down.

Advanced: Inhale as you lift, hold through 2-3 more breaths, lower on an exhale.

How to perform The No Crunch Tummy Tightener:

  1. Lie face up with your left knee bent, left foot flat on the floor, and right leg extended toward the ceiling. Reach toward the ceiling with your left arm and keep your right arm down by your side.
  2. Without moving your hips or shoulders, open your raised leg to the right and raised arm to the left. Now, concentrating on your abs, return your raised leg and arm to the center. Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch sides and repeat.
  3. Try to do this move 2 to 3 times a week. You should have a flatter tummy in 4 weeks.

No Crunch Tummy Tightener

Safety Tip

When doing sit-ups, or any exercises where you are lying on the floor, it is best to have a good, thick foam exercise mat underneath you to protect your back, spine, and butt bones.

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