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Toe Stretch Exercise

Essential Exercise

Stretching is very important and prevents you from causing injury to your flexible muscles, tendons, and ligaments - including those in your feet. Stretching your feet helps get muscles and tendons moving to limber them up. By performing the stretching exercise below, you'll stretch all of the muscles and tendons in your feet and lower legs. Try the exercise before getting out of bed, while relaxing in your favorite chair, or during a car ride or airline flight.

Many podiatrists believe that putting feet through a simple exercise regimen designed to build up foot strength and flexibility can save some folks a world of hurt.

How to perform The Toe Stretch Exercise:

You can do these sitting or standing. However you do them, be sure you do not lose your balance. If standing, stand near something you can grasp onto if you lose your balance.

  1. Raise your heel until only the ball of your foot is touching the floor. Hold for five seconds; release. Do the same with only your toes touching, then with your toes curled under so only the nails are touching.
  2. Repeat all positions ten times, alternating feet.
  3. Work up to three sets, three times a week.

Toe Stretch Exercise

Source: American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society

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