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Standing Crunch Exercise

Essential Exercise

The standing crunch is an exercise we can all benefit from. This muscles worked with this exercise are key to good posture and standing tall.

The standing crunch is a good exercise to add to your workout routine because that is how you use the muscles in real life -- standing up.

This exercises uses a rope pulley. You can buy equipment you can attach to a door in your home that will simulate the effect. This door gym uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door. Installs in seconds. It's ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more. Three grip positions, narrow, wide, and neutral.

How to perform The Standing Crunch Exercise:

  1. Attach a rope handle to a high cable pulley.
  2. Stand with your back to the weight stack, and hold the ends of the rope behind your head.
  3. Now crunch until you feel fatigued.

Standing Crunch Exercise

Take Care

While you can crunch & crunch, do be careful not to over-do it. Crunch until you're muscles start to feel the fatigue, then continue that number of reps for a week or two, then gradually increase the number of crunches or increase the resistence.

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