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Side Crunch Exercise

Essential Exercise

To tone love handles, do side crunches!

You should definitely feel this in your obliques -- the muscles that run along the side of the stomach. Add these to your regular routine and try adding some cardiovascular exercise (walking, jogging, aerobics) if you are not already doing so. This will help burn more fat and reveal your newly formed muscles and toned waistline.

How to perform The Side Crunch Exercise:

  1. Get on the floor into a regular sit-up position (knees bent, then drop your bent legs to the side, resting them on the floor. Your torso and head should face the ceiling.
  2. With your hands behind your head, crunch straight up, then lower.
  3. Do 15 to 20 repetitions, then switch sides.

Side Crunch Exercise


  1. Stare up at the ceiling so you lift up with your core instead of just bending your neck.
  2. Remember to breathe!
  3. It's a good idea to stretch before and after performing toning exercises.
  4. You should never feel pain - just a stretch.

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