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Rear Delt Raise Exercise

Essential Exercise

The rear delt raise will strengthen the muscles behind your shoulders so you won't slump, allowing you to breathe more deeply.

The rear delt raise is best done after shoulder-strengthening work.

Rear Delt Muscle

How to perform The Rear Delt Raise Exercise:

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair or bench with a three to five pound weight in each hand, arms hanging at your sides and palms facing in.
  2. Lean forward until your chest is just above your thighs.
  3. Slowly raise the weights until they're parallel to the floor, then bring them back down.
  4. Do eight to ten repetitions.

Rear Delt Raise Exercise

Variations: This exercise can also be performed with cables or seating.


Avoid swinging the torso or bringing the arms back as opposed to the side.

Reasons to Perform the Rear Delt Raise Exercise

  • Counteract tight chest muscles and rounded shoulders.
  • Correct poor posture.
  • Protect shoulders and rotator cuffs from injury.
  • Increase your strength for bench pressing.
  • Develop an appealing and symmetrical upper body

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