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Preacher Curl Exercise

Essential Exercise

The preacher curl is the ideal biceps solution! Few biceps exercises help isolate your biceps and their synergists, along with tendons and ligaments, better than preacher curl.

You may think of the preacher curl as just one exercise, but actually many variations on the basic movement are available to you: You can choose dumbbells, a straight or EZ-bar, cables or even resistance bands to challenge the muscles in slightly different ways.

How to perform The Preacher Curl Exercise:

  1. Grab your workout bar with an underhand grip, your pinkies angled toward each other.
  2. Rest your upper arms on a sloping pad and hold the bar at arm's length in front of you.
  3. Lift the bar as high as you can, then slowly lower it.

Preacher Curl Exercise


If you lose control of the resistance, the preacher curl can cause injury (sometimes serious) to your elbows and arm flexors, especially if you use the sloped side of the preacher bench. Stick with the vertical side of the bench, choose a weight you can handle in correct form, maintain a controlled speed up and down, and pause briefly at the top and the bottom of each rep. Never bounce or jerk at the bottom, and always have a spotter standing by in case you lose control or fail on a rep and need assistance.

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