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Palm Touch Exercise

Essential Exercise

The palm touch exercise is a great stretching exercise to do after warming up your body with low impact aerobic type exercise. It helps warm and prepare your muscles for the challenge you're about to give them.

Toe touches would be the next step up, but if you have difficulty keeping your legs straight doing toe touches, don't force or bounce! Do these palm touches first, until you've developed more flexibility for a straight leg toe touch. You get just as much benefit and forcing only leads to problems.

How to perform The Palm Touch Exercise:

  1. Bend your knees slightly.
  2. Try to touch the floor by bending from the waist. Do not bounce.
  3. Hold the position for ten seconds, and then repeat one to two times.
  4. If you have lower back problems, do the same thing, but with your legs crossed.

Palm Touch Exercise

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