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Calf Wall Push Stretching Exercise

Essential Exercise

Stretches the calf muscles, keeping them strong and flexible.

Release tension in your calf muscles with this tension-busting calf stretch. Works great for all ages, but middle aged men often suffer from muscle tears in their calves while taking part in recreational activities, performing actions that require a sudden change in direction.

While "Weekend warriors" have the most difficulty in this area, those who lost flexibility for any reason are at a higher risk for partial or complete muscle rupture. If muscular force is greater than muscle elasticity, even the well conditioned athlete can suffer a calf tear. Enter stretching!

Do each stretch slowly and steadily, without bouncing.

How to perform the Calf Wall Push Stretching Exercise:

  • Stand facing a wall, about 1-1/2 feet away from it.
  • Then lean forward and push your hands against the wall, keeping your heels flat.
  • Count to 10 (or to 20 for a longer stretch). Rest. Repeat.

Calf Wall Push Stretching Exercise

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