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Cable T Bicep Curls Exercise

Essential Exercise

Equipment required: Double cable machine.

Muscles worked: Biceps. Flexors of the forearm

How to Perform the Cable T Bicep Curls

  1. Set up the double cable machine so that the pulleys are at about shoulder level. Grab the handles extend your arms out straight so your body looks something like the capital letter T.
  2. Flex your arms bringing your hands right over your shoulders. Extend the arms to the start position and repeat.

Make sure the palms are facing up towards the ceiling as you perform this exercise.


It is easy to cheat on this exercise by twisting your arms as you bring the hands to the shoulders. Concentrate on keeping the palms facing up and make sure you bring them right to the middle of the shoulder NOT the front of the shoulder.

Cable T Bicep Curl

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