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Exercise Self Testing: Curl Ups

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Curl-ups measure abdominal and lower back strength.

Test your strength by trying the following!

  1. Lie flat on your upper back, knees bent, shoulders touching the floor, arms by your side with palms down.
  2. Bend your knees so that your feet are flat and 12-inches from your buttocks
  3. Curl up by lifting your head and shoulders off the floor; slide hands forward on the floor.
  4. Curl down and repeat.


Self Test: Curl Ups Your score is the number of curl-ups you can do in one minute. The scores are for the good-to-excellent range.

  • Age 18-29: females, 25-45, males 30-50
  • Age 30-39: females 20-40, males 22-45
  • Age 40-49: females 16-35, males 21-40
  • Age 50-59: females 12-30, males 18-35
  • Age 60+: females 11-25, males 15-30

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