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Recipe Rumble

What should Americans eat to stay healthy? The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recommend that Americans continue to maintain or improve their weight by balancing their diet with moderate physical activity and a healthy diet.

The Recipe Rumble eCookBook contains over 265 healthful recipes that reduce fat, carbs, calories, sugar and even some vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes. You surely don't have to practice one of those diets to enjoy them, though! Go meatless one night a week - it lends variety and offers you many new taste sensations!

You also get a bonus recipe PDF of 189 healthy recipes! View the list of recipes...


Strictly Smoothies eBook

From apples to wild berries, we've done our best to cover it all.

There are sweet smoothies, power smoothies, tropical smoothies and every favorite fruit on the market! Apples, bananas, blueberry, boysenberry, cantaloupe, mixed fruits, mango, melon, nectarine, orange, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, tangerine and watermelon.

All the smoothies are refreshing treats in summer, but are also nutrition-packed energy boosters year round! View a list of all the recipes...


Twenty Four Essentials of Health and Well Being eBook

This eBook shares with you 24 simple, every day tips and tasks that you can apply to life to help you feel better both physically and mentally.

We can't share the table of contents because that would give too much away, but we can tell you most of the tips are free and most can be started right away!

This eBook isn't just about weight loss - it's about learning little ways that can help us all have a better attitude toward both ourselves and others, plus a healthier body!

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Oven Frying for a Healthy Heart

Fried food is very harmful to your health and the risk increases as your weight does.

Oven frying is definitely the way to go if you're looking to eat healthier or to break away from fried foods -- which we all should do. Fried foods weigh you down while padding your scale in the wrong direction! With these recipes, you soon won't miss any of those greasy fried foods and you'll drop a few pounds to boot!

Along with the recipes you'll get tips to make sure you have NO soggy crusts and the best flavor possible!

Get started today - the fat and the savory coatings will be good enough to set aside for every last bite.

Take a look at all the heart healthy recipes...


Fab Abs in Five

That's Right, Fabulous Abs in Only Five Minutes a Day!

You can have fabulous abdominal muscles with just a five-minute investment each day. Five simple, safe and effective moves - - no equipment -- are all you need. You truly can achieve your desired results with just a five-minute effort and the floor.

A mat might not be a bad idea to use, but is not necessary. Much depends upon what type of floor you'll be doing the exercises on. If it's a hard floor, you may definitely want to invest in a nice mat. Yoga mats work quite well.

This abdominal workout is neither tiresome nor boring -- it goes too fast!



Strength and Muscular Endurance Without Weights

Building Strength and Muscular Endurance Without Weights: The Manual

Work those muscles without weights!

Since barbells and weight machines may not be convenient or readily accessible to you for any reason, we present some strength and endurance exercises that use your body weight as the primary resistance. These recommended exercises might be all you want to do to develop strength and muscular endurance.

As you become stronger, increasing the number of repetitions for each exercise can help you continue to improve your strength and muscular endurance. You can perform these exercises wherever you are working out.



Strength and Muscular Endurance with Weights

Building Strength and Muscular Endurance With Weights: The Manual

Start working out with weights!

For some people, a weight resistance program using free weights or variable resistance machines may be of interest. Today, workout facilities are better equipped with good weight training equipment than in years past. With many new machines and weight systems available you can now easily include strength training in your regular workout. You can also purchase a nice set of weights at reasonable cost and do this in the comfort and privacy of your home.

With good equipment your workouts can be compressed into a short period of time.

Most important, for the average person workouts with weight resistance equipment can be very effective. This manual includes a weighted workout program you can easily do at home with a minimal investment in equipment.



Back Pain: Your Solution

In America, back pain is the second most common reason for visits to physicians. The back is a horrible place on our bodies to experience pain and most people will, at some time in their lives, experience some level of it. The good news is that you can control back pain and even eliminate it with some easy, preventative measures. You do not need expensive pain medications, therapy and doctor visits. My training manual will teach you how to do this with no special equipment, no straining moves or "twisted" body positions - just easy to do exercises that take little effort and not much of your time.

Affordable for those from all walks of life leaving you with no excuse to suffer any longer. This manual was not made for you to "gain from pain", rather, to help you feel better and live a higher quality of life. The small fees allow me to bring this to you, (thanks to the power of the Internet) whoever you are, whereever you are and best of all, in the complete privacy and comfort of your own home. You will have it in minutes - no expensive and/or embarassing visits, consultations, pills or exercise equipment.



Sit to be Fit

Sit your way to a healthier, stronger, leaner body with the training manual in PDF.

You can call this type of exercise by several names: sitting aerobics, chair dancing, chair aerobics etc., but in short, it is simply exercising your body while sitting in a chair. Many people are skeptical when they think of exercise in a chair, but the truth is, it is a very beneficial form of exercise.


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