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Pecan Fudgies Recipe

Diabetic Friendly Recipe

Melted semisweet chocolate melted with a little butter. Mix with beaten egg, cream, salt, vanilla, pecans and liquid sweetener create delicious pecan fudgies. Press in a buttered pan and cut into squares.

Pecan Fudgies

Recipe Ingredients

4 squares of semi sweet chocolate
1 tablespoon butter
1 egg, well beaten
3 tablespoons of heavy cream
Pinch salt
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
1 cup pecans
2 teaspoons of liquid sweetener

Recipe Directions

Melt chocolate and butter over hot water. Stir and cool.

Beat eggs in a bowl; add cream, salt, vanilla, chocolate, sweetener and nuts. Stir well.

Press in a buttered pan 1/2-inch deep.

Cut Pecan Fudgies into squares.

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