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Breads, Spreads & Muffins

Breads and muffins can be challenging for diabetics, but not with our recipes! Some ingredient substitutions, along with the use of healthful fruits, bran, wheat, etc., and you'll be creating delicious goodies for yourself in no time.

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Diabetic Bread Recipes

Diabetic Muffin Recipes

Blood Sugar Stabilizer

UA 2007 study published in Diabetes Care followed 20 people with Type 2 diabetes. Subjects were divided into two groups: A chia seed group and a wheat bran group.

For 12 weeks, subjects took 37 grams of either chia or wheat bran. At the end of the study, those who took chia reduced systolic blood pressure and inflammation. And while they did not lose large amounts of weight, it was shown that they had more stable blood sugar levels than the control group. One common cause of food cravings is erratic blood glucose levels. By stabilizing these levels, there is the potential to ward off cravings, a good effect many chia consumers report.