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Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease Linked in Diabetics

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In a survey of more than 1,500 adult diabetics, more than 70-percent had high blood pressure, a rate nearly three times higher than for non-diabetics. In addition, it was very difficult to control their high blood pressure, which is extremely detrimental to their health. In spite of the fact that 57-percent of those studied were taking blood pressure medication to lower their blood pressure, less than half of those had decreased their level to a safe level.

High blood pressure is more dangerous for diabetics because it increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and loss of vision. People with diabetes should make sure their blood pressure is checked at every doctor's visit. If you have very high blood pressure, it may not hurt to invest in a product to allow you to take your blood pressure at home to keep an eye on it.

Check Blood Pressure Another complication diabetics must contend with is kidney disease. A panel of kidney experts recommends easier testing to catch problems early. This can help avoid kidney failure, dialysis, transplants and even death. (American Journal of Kidney Diseases). To catch kidney problems sooner, diabetics should have annual blood pressure checks, a blood test for creatine and urine check for protein. Ask your doctor to use an albumin-specific dipstick test or to have your urine sent to a lab to check for low levels of proteins.

If you are a diabetic and do not know your blood pressure numbers, perhaps it is time for a visit to your doctor not only to get it checked, but also to learn of the best way for you to manage your blood pressure. This can be done with medication as well as stress reduction.

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