Dedicated to my Father, with all the love a daughter's heart can hold...and then some!
Love you, Daddy!

A Christian Dad

I'm thankful for a Christian Dad
So caring, thoughtful, kind
Whose loving hands and gentle voice
I often call to mind.

Your character is etched in mine
Your greatest gift to me
And more than lectures you supplied
Examples I could see.

I've learned so many things from you
That only Dads can teach.
You were my guide and gave to me
Such worthy goals to reach.

God chose for me the best of dads,
One of a very few,
And that is why I ask of Him
To make me more like you.

  Author Unknown


F aithful
A lways there
T rustworthy
H onoring
E ver-loving
R ighteous
S upportive

  God bless you, Daddy -
always and in ALL ways!