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Gluten Free Pioneer Potato Candy Recipe

Dietary Candy Recipe

This recipe uses mashed potatoes as its base and is good! For flavoring your Gluten Free Pioneer Potato Candy there is vanilla, chocolate and peanuts. Powdered sugar makes these sweet to eat.

Recipe Ingredients

1 cup  warm, unseasoned mashed potatoes
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons Gluten free vanilla
2 pounds powdered sugar
1 pound dipping chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate
2/3 cup ground salted peanuts, optional

Mashed Potatoes for Gluten Free Pioneer Potato Candy

Recipe Directions

Combine potatoes, salt and vanilla in a 4 quart mixing bowl.

Sift powdered sugar over potatoes, stirring and adding about one cup at a time.

Mixture will liquefy when first sugar is added and will gradually begin to thicken. When it reaches the consistency of dough - knead, even if all sugar is not used.

After kneading, cover with a damp cloth. Chill until a small spoonful can be rolled into a ball.

Shape in 1 inch balls. Dip balls in chocolate that has been melted in a double boiler. Roll in peanuts. Recipe makes about 100 servings Gluten Free Pioneer Potato candies.

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