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Date Nut Balls Recipe

Dietary Candy Recipe

Date Nut Balls contain chopped dates, cream cheese, honey, cream to taste and a dash of grated orange rind make up these date nut balls for a healthful sweet treat. Dates are one of the sweetest fruits we have. Date pectin, dietary fiber and syrup are some of the date substances which can find a plethora of applications as a thickener or gelling agent in processed foods, i.e., confectionery products, jams, table jellies, soft cheeses, yogurts, etc.

Recipe Ingredients

1 cup< chopped dates
1 tablespoon cream cheese
3 tablespoons honey
Cream to taste
Dash of grated orange rind

Recipe Directions

Date nut balls

Finely chopped nuts or graham crackers crumbs to make stiff. Chill until firm.

Shape into balls with buttered hands.

Roll Date Nut Balls in more chopped nuts, sesame seeds or coconut -- if desired.

Grandma's Stuffed Dates Recipe

Grandmas Stuffed Dates Recipe

"Take some fondant, small pieces of walnuts, almonds, bits of date, a few raisins, a small piece of citron; mix well. If not wet enough when moulded add a few drops of water or lemon juice. Take the seeds from the dates and fill with this mixture. Roll in granulated sugar.

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