Motivation for Weight Loss Goals

Goal Setting

Dedication and Motivation for Weight Loss Goals

There is a psychological factor that comes into play when you’re trying to lose weight. We like to compare it to the “rah rah” factor that you often need to succeed in sports.

Look at your weight loss goals as your own personal sporting event. Just as you need to know the rules of the game as well as the basics of performing that game in sports, you also need the right information regarding your diet to make it effective.

When you have all the tools you need, you can become an excellent performer in almost anything you try in life. One of these tools is the right frame of mind.

The right frame of mind will give you motivation, commitment, and the skills you need to overcome the obstacles that you might face along with temptations and distractions.

When you have the right psychological attitude toward your weight loss goals, you will make your weight loss can be a bit of fun, an easier task to achieve, and give you the ability to develop changes towards a healthier lifestyle that will stay with you forever.

Your mindset controls your behavior, actions, and thoughts. As people grow, they develop habits and associations that govern their life. Most of these habits are controlled by our sub-conscious and we are generally unaware of them. However, your subconscious could also sabotage your efforts – also while you unaware of them.

This is detrimental to weight loss goals.

Positively Dedicate Yourself to Your Weight Loss Goals!

The right mindset entails using various techniques and strategies to control your behavior by monitoring your thoughts and actions. When you obtain this mindset, you will be better equipped to replace the old habits and associations that formed your thinking in the first place with new and more positive habits that will enable you to lost weight and be happier while you do so!

Setting your weight loss goalsPut Yourself in the Right Mindset

Developing the correct mindset doesn’t occur overnight. It take a little bit of effort, but in the end, it is well worth the time and effort expended. You will have to monitor your progress and behavior. Sometimes it will be easy – at other times, it won’t. The good news is that there are some easy ways to begin to put yourself into the right mindset.

  1. Write your weight loss goals down – tell yourself what weight you want to get to. While you’re at it, write down any other personal goals you might have as far as your life in general. Since you’re undertaking something as huge as losing your extra weight, you may as well also focus your efforts on improving other aspects of your life while you have the motivation and drive.
  2. Be specific about what those goals are. When you generalize your goals, you are trivializing them. Your weight loss goals are important. Make them important!
  3. Assign yourself a deadline. You want to lose weight. You want to do it by Christmas, or your wedding, or the next class reunion. When you assign a deadline, you give yourself a goal to work for, and like we said, your weight loss goals are important!
  4. Make those goals measurable and achievable. Don’t try to undertake more than what you are capable of. If you need to lose 100 pounds, don’t expect to do it in a few weeks. Give yourself enough time to do it in a healthy manner. You could also try to break your weight loss goals down into easier increments. Tell yourself that you will lose 10 pounds over the next month. Then tell yourself the same thing the next
    month. Eventually, you’ll reach that goal and feel the satisfaction of being pounds lighter than you were before.
  5. Focus on those goals everyday. Post them on your refrigerator. Write them in your date book. Put a reminder on the visor of your car. When you focus on your weight loss goals, you will keep them in mind all the time. When they are first and foremost in your mind, you will be well on the way toward achieving them.
  6. Be committed to those weight loss goals – at all costs. There’s a reason why you want to achieve those goals. When you are committed, your weight loss goals become the focus of your mind and they will be much easier to realize.

Set Your Weight Loss Goals

Developing a psychology towards weight loss will help you achieve you goals and realize success. Aim high, push yourself to become the type of person you want to be and live the life that you want and deserve. We are not given the power of dreams without the power and ability to achieve those dreams.

It’s time to start – RIGHT NOW!

Download our free Goal Setting Worksheet!

Download PDF
Goal Setting Worksheet

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Author: Jeni

Certified by the Professional School of Fitness and Nutrition in March, 1995; honored for exemplary grades. Practicing fitness and nutrition for over 20 years. Featured in the Feb. 1994 issue of "Shape" magazine. Featured in Collage in the spring issue of 1995 Low fat recipe's published in Taste of Home, Quick Cooking, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, among others. September, 2001: Featured in "Winning The War on Cholesterol" By Rodale Publishing

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