Jogging Strollers

Jogging Strollers

Top Five Jogging Strollers

In the past, parents who wanted to walk or run with their children in strollers found it impossible. Now parents can buy jogging strollers that specifically accommodate their fitness needs while also considering the comfort and safety of their children. Today, there are jogging strollers that have features for the runner or walker on various surfaces. For example, there are jogging strollers for long-distance runners and all-terrain jogging strollers.

Walking Mama gave these five jogging strollers the thumbs up for 2012.

BOB Ironman

This stroller’s lightweight and sturdy frame is made of aluminum. Safety and stability are due to the five point harness restraints, handbrake, and front fixed wheel. Other features include an adjustable seat, exceptionally smooth ride, a generous under seat basket, and quick two step folding process. Overall, these jogging strollers have an excellent rating.

Schwinn Instep Arrow Single

If runners want a stroller that performs well at a good price, this is a good choice. At only 20.5 pounds, this jogger is the lightest on the market and serious joggers will find the adjustable handlebar a convenience as well. The consensus is that these jogging strollers offer high performance at a good price.

Joovy Zoom ATS

This stroller accommodates the taller runner by eliminating the rear axle for longer stride lengths. In addition, the stroller comfortably holds children weighing up to 75 pounds. The materials used and the sturdy, lightweight frame are excellent for rollerblading, running, and walking. Joovy Zoom’s taller handlebar is comfortable for taller runners. It is the largest stroller on the market and a good choice for larger children and taller runners.

Baby Jogger F.I.T. Single

The F.I.T. gets high marks for its quality materials, sleek design, sturdiness, and durability. It has a higher seat, curved canopy, and added long leg drop for taller children. It performs well at jogging speeds and has effortless maneuvering when turning into curves. The taller handlebar in addition to the other features strikes a balance between performance for parents and comfort for children.

BOB Sport Utility

Dads praise this stroller because of its sturdiness and rugged looks. However, it lives up to its claims as a jogger hybrid of an all-terrain mountain bike and the smooth ride of a Cadillac. Although the stroller looks “heavy”, it can handle all terrains. If walking or running on off-road terrain, its heavy-duty shocks will comfortably handle the bumps. Overall, reviewers felt BOB designed a well thought out jogging stroller.