Diet drugs or diet supplements?

Diet drugs or diet supplements?

Diet Drugs vs Diet Supplements

Do you go to the doctor and ask for a prescription diet drug, or do you hunt down a diet supplement instead? Which way is more effective? First, let’s look at the definition of drugs. This encompasses all drugs, not just diet drugs.

Drug Definitions

  • A drug, broadly speaking, is any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.
  • A substance used to treat an illness, relieve a symptom, or modify a chemical process in the body for a specific purpose.
  • A substance, often addictive, which affects the central nervous system.
  • To affect the structure or any function of the body of man.


  • A supplementary component that improves capability of a body function.
  • Vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other substances taken orally. Meant to correct deficiencies in the diet.

Now ask yourself, which sounds better for you, diet drugs or supplements? The answer seems pretty obvious.  Supplements.

Diet drugs are causing untold health problems for people taking them. In Europe, the government is pushing, pushing, pushing weight loss. They had to withdraw a drug called Rimonabant pushed onto over weight victims. One man developed depression so severe he’s still not recovered 2 years later.

From a recent report on diet drugs:

There are many new obesity drugs in the pipeline, though perhaps scared off by the recent debacles. After Rimonabant’s withdrawal, 27 possible diet drugs lined up for trials were abandoned. Drug companies are opting for weight loss products that combine existing drugs.

Reductil was also withdrawn from the market after a study suggested it increased the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Go With Supplements

These reports forget to mention supplements. Why? Because supplements aren’t intertwined with government. The government wants to run health care. They use health departments and paid off so-called experts and buy reports and recommendations. It’s all about money and control, not you, not your weight, not your health.

Pro Shape RXSupplements are natural; they do not contain man-made drugs that alter the natural disposition of your body. Period.

Mother nature doesn’t need to fatten a wallet or pad a bank account.

What to Watch for When Choosing a Diet Supplement

Be sure the company manufacturing them doesn’t add fillers or additives. Check for medical approval. See if it is certified and endorsed by reputable sources. You will find supplements to be far safer and more effective.  Recommended supplement for weight loss:

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