Dried Fruit Nutrition

Dried Fruit Nutrition, Health Benefits and Uses
Dried fruit can be used in so many ways – baked goods, handy snacks, gorps and trail mixes to name a few.


But are you aware of the health benefits in dried fruit nutrition?
Popular Dried Fruit Nutrition Components

Raisins. Raisins contain phytochemicals and boron. Phytochemicals benefit oral health by fighting bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Boron is beneficial to bone health. Mix raisins with your favorite nuts! You’ll have a high-energy, protein and fiber packed snack. Best of all, it’s a quick and easy homemade snack.
Figs. Figs are a high source of dietary

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Exercises You Can’t Do Without

Exercises You Can’t Do Without
Seventeen-thousand ACE-certified Fitness Professionals were asked to name the one exercise they couldn’t do without. The overwhelming winner was the multi-purpose squat, which strengthens all of the major muscles of the lower body. These  include the gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves.

The Top Seven Choices
Following are the rest of the top choices, which can be used together to create a challenging and effective fitness program.

Jump Squat
Abdominal exercises

Stepping Up to Good Cholesterol Levels
Not to be forgotten, stepping may be in the top  ten exercise choices.  You may have known that step aerobics can burn calories and is

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6 Ways to Become a Successful Sports Agent

6 Ways to Become a Successful Sports Agent
A successful sports agent occupies one of the highest profile jobs in the country. They deal with celebrities, the media, and sports teams to get the best possible contract for their client while also maintaining their charges’ public image. To join the successful sports agent ranks, you must obtain an education, gain the trust of athletes, and develop your negotiating and marketing skills. Following are a few steps you need to take if you want to become a successful sports agent.

Get an Education
While a bachelor’s degree is not required to become a

Bearberries Blackberries

Bearberries, Blackberries – More Super Fruits
In our third in a series of fruit frenzy favorites we will take a look at two more super fruits, bearberries blackberries and  their health benefits. (Click the thumbnails below for a large view of the berries.)


Bearberry is used for bladder treatment in European folk medicine. Hydroquinones found in the bearberry leaves have antibacterial properties that aid infections.

A cup of bearberry tea, made from the dried leaves infused in boiling water, can help with urinary infections, kidney and bladder problems and prostate disorders.
Bearberry Tea
To make a cup of bearberry tea use 1 to 2

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Enzyme Power Healing

Over-Looked Enzyme Power Healing
The advantages of Enzyme Power Healing is not often talked about, but is very deserving of our attention. Enzyme nutrition is sadly over looked.

Dr. Edward Howell, father of enzyme nutrition and therapy, said,

“Enzymes are the very substances that make life possible”.

Natural News has a great write-up on the health benefits of enzyme power healing. If this nutritional concept is new to you, visit NaturalNews.com – The Healing Power of Enzymes for Treating Disease when you’re done here. Great information that explains it in great detail.

What we have for you is some enzyme power healing beverage recipes

Chia Gel Adds Nutrients

Chia Gel Adds Nutrients in Your Favorite Foods
Chia gel is a quick, easy staple you can whip up at home and store in your fridge. With a supply of chia gel at the ready, it is a cinch to increase nutrients in your favorite foods.

Add chia gel to creamy foods, liquids, condiments, salad dressings, and even peanut butter and jelly. The gel doesn’t affect flavors. What it does is increase a food’s vitamin and mineral levels, and add protein and omega fatty acids. It also promotes weight loss by filling your stomach with fiber. Following is one way to

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Cleansing Juice Recipes

Cleansing Juice Recipes for Blood, Liver and Toxins
Dandelion is useful for cleansing the blood, which removes toxins from the tissues and joints. This process will speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation. Be aware that if you drink a fair amount of this juice over a short period of time it can quickly cause a cleansing reaction. This reaction might initially produce symptoms like fatigue or headaches.  These symptoms will pass as your body becomes cleansed.

3 apples
Handful of fresh dandelion leaves

Directions:  Pass all ingredients through a juicer. Drink immediately.

Note:  If you are digging your own dandelion leaves, be sure

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Commuting to Work?

Commuting to Work and Excess Weight
A survey of 10,500 Americans found that for every extra 30 minutes commuters spent driving, they had a 3 percent greater chance of becoming obese compared with workers who spent less time driving.


In addition, people who lived within walking distance of stores (typically less than one-half mile) were statistically less likely to be obese than those who had to drive to shop.  These findings indicate obesity has an environmental component that can be addressed.

The bottom line is, the longer you must drive on your way to work, the more likely you are to be

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Diabetes Diet Journal Giveaway

The Diabetes Diet Journal
A new #FridayFreebie – finally!

Studies have shown that keeping a journal is one of the most effective weight loss tools around. For diabetics, the diabetes diet journal is a god send.

You can track your eating habits and troubleshoot situations when you may be taking in more calories than you realize.
The Diabetes DTOUR Diet Journal is Your Portable Planner for Weight Loss Success

This beautifully designed journal gives you all the space you need to record your calories and track your blood sugar while losing weight. These simple techniques are the key to burning off the excess weight…and

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Using Raisins in Foods

Using Raisins in Cooking and Baking
Available year round, using raisins in a wide variety of foods is easy. Cereals, breads, cookies, candies and energy snacks are just a few examples. The raisin is truly one of the world’s most versatile food ingredients.

Raisins are low in fat and sodium, but high in carbohydrates for a quick pick- me-up snack. Raisins are also high in antioxidants and cholesterol free. One-quarter cup of dried uncooked raisins provides 1 serving from the fruit group of the Food Guide Pyramid.
Raisins in Baked Goods
Raisins provide more than just flavor to the cereals and baked goods.

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