Beer Bounty E-Cookbook

Beer Bounty E-Cookbook

Add some "bling" to your recipes with beer!

There is more protein in beer than in milk. What's more, beer has fewer calories than apple juice, milk or cola and contains neither fat nor cholesterol. These claims have been made by the All India Brewer's Association. Read Article

Beer is battling to get the status of milk. The all India Brewer's Association (AIBA) have argued in a memorandum to the government that a glass of beer contains more protein than does the same quantity of milk. Not just that. They have said that the calorie content in beer is lesser than that of a bottle of apple juice, milk or any cola.

Did You Know?

Studies have shown that one to two glasses of beer a day can reduce the risk of stroke and other heart disease. The type and brand you drink doesn't matter.

Cooking and baking with beer can add a unique twist to just about any recipe! Find out for yourself and try these recipes!

Beer Bounty Table of Contents

Article:  Is Beer Better For You Than Milk?


Tall beer glass with foam

  • Spicy Red Beer
  • Beer Margarita
  • Summer Beer
  • Summer Beer -- (Slight Variation)
  • Beer Rolls
  • Beer Bread Rolls
  • Basic Bear Bread
  • Beer Cheese Bread
  • Rye Beer Bread
  • Beer Muffins
  • Green Chile Cheese Beer Bread
  • Whole Wheat Beer Bread
  • Beer Batter Crepes
  • Beer Batter Crepes II
  • Basic Beer Dip
  • Beer Cheese Dip I
  • Beer Cheese Dip II (Slight Variation)
  • Bread Bowl Beer Cheese Dip
  • Beer Cheese Spread
  • Beer 'n Cheddar Cheese Spread
  • Cheesy Beer and Spinach Dip
  • Hot 'n Spicy Beer Cheese Dip
  • Basic Beer Batter
  • Beer Batter for Fish
  • Beer Glazed Carrots
  • Beer Batter Fried Vegetables
  • Beer-Batter Onion Rings
  • Italian Beer Battered Onion Rings
  • Beer Soup (Biersuppe)
  • Baby Doe's Cheese Soup with Beer
  • Beer Cheese Vegetable Soup
  • Beer and Cheese Cream Soup
  • Creamy Beer Cheese Vegetable Soup
  • Beer, Cheese and Cauliflower Soup
  • Vegetable and Cheddar Beer Soup
  • Spicy Beer Cheese Soup
  • Beer Batter Fish Fillets
  • Beer Batter Fish Made Great
  • Fishboy's Beer Belly Shrimp
  • Lobster Tails Steamed in Beer
  • Beer Chicken
  • Beer Battered Chicken
  • Beer Cooked Chicken
  • Easy Beer and Ketchup Meatballs
  • Beer Steak
  • Pot Roast in Beer
  • Beef Brisket in Beer
  • Slow Cooker Kielbasa and Beer
  • Beer Chops
  • Pork Chops in Beer
  • Bone-In Ham Cooked in Beer
  • Beer Basted Rabbit
  • Barbecued Ribs Braised in Beer
  • Beer Cake
  • Beer Cake II
  • Beer Spice Cake
  • Beer Cookies
  • Beer Nut Cookies
  • Alewife's Fish Boil
  • Veal Chops with Ale, Fresh Thyme and Roasted Vegetables
  • Ale-Topped Gorgonzola Tartlet

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