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Gas Free Beans

Timeless Nutrition Tip

To really get gas free beans without having to take something to ... shall we say, "cure the problem", know that the secret is in the soaking.

Gas Free Beans

Soaking for Gas Free Beans

  • In a large pot, cover beans with filtered water. Soak overnight.
  • Drain beans, rinse thoroughly, and add four cups fresh water for each cup dry beans. Place in a large pot with a tight lid.
  • Add a 3 to 4-inch strip of kombu* (a sea vegetable) to make beans easier to digest.
  • Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 1 to 4 hours, depending on variety. Cook beans until they are soft.

Short-soak method: Cover beans with water and boil five minutes. Remove from heat. Cover and set aside for two to three hours. Drain and rinse, then cover with fresh water and cook as above.

*Kombu is an important part of Japanese cuisine. Kombu is also eaten in other parts of Asia as well; it can be found fresh, dried, pickled, and frozen in many Asian markets. Since most cooks use their kombu shredded, some stores sell nalto kombu, which is preshredded kombu.

Seaweed can also be purchased fresh in some parts of the world, although it does need to be used quickly because it has a short shelf life. Always wash fresh kombu before using it. As an alternative, some stores sell frozen kombu for consumers who want the fresh flavor and a longer shelf life.

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