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Cracked Wheat Verses Whole Wheat

Timeless Nutrition Tip

When buying bread, we always get a brand that lists whole wheat as the first ingredients. But some bread has cracked wheat as the first ingredient.

What is the difference?

Cracked Wheat Verses Whole Wheat When you see whole wheat, it means the bread flour is ground from whole-wheat kernels and retains the nutritious bran and germ components of the kernel, or wheat "berry". Cracked wheat also comes from whole-wheat kernels, except that the berries are broken into coarse, medium and fine fragments.

Some people prefer cracked wheat bread because of this grainy texture. And some, just the opposite.

Since the nutritional content of the bread is similar, with whole wheat having a slight edge in fiber content (1.9g versus 1.4g per slice), buy the one that best suits your tastebuds.

100 Percent Reliable Bread

If a bread label does not say 100 percent whole wheat, chances are the bread has more white than whole-grain flour. Do not be fooled by claims like "natural whole grain goodness". Or, "made with natural whole grain". In each case, the first ingredient is white flour.

One exception: The Pepperidge Farm line of Natural Whole Grain breads say "rich in whole grain". If you check the label, you will see that whole wheat flour is the first ingredient, making this claim true.

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