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Vegetarian Diet Missing Links

Timeless Nutrition Tip

With careful planning, you can follow a vegetarian diet that provides all the vitamins, minerals, calories, and protein your body needs. If you don't carefully plan your meals, you can compromise some nutrients.

Vegetarian Diet Missing Links

Listed below are the nutrients that are more likely to be at risk in vegetarian diets, along with the sources for obtaining these nutrients:

  • Zinc (needed for growth/repair of tissues) - - found in fish and poultry, nuts and seeds, hard cheeses, whole grains, and soy products.
  • Calcium (needed for healthy bones and teeth) - found in milk, cheese, broccoli, almonds, legumes, and soy products.
  • Vitamin D (needed for healthy bones)--found in milk. With adequate sun exposure, the body can produce its own vitamin D.
  • Vitamin B-12# (needed for cell growth)--found in milk products and eggs. For strict vegetarians, this nutrient must be supplemented.

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