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Those Edible Eggs

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Eggs are back on the diet "okay" list! Eggs are one of the cheapest, yet most nutritious, foods around.

It's extraordinary when you think what just one egg has to offer. The nutritional aspect of one egg is phenomenal. One egg provides substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A and B12, folate, thiamin, phosphorus, and zinc.

Additionally, the protein content found in one egg is of better quality than that of milk, meat, and fish. One egg provides an astonishing six grams of protein!

Those Edible Eggs Because eggs are soft and easy to chew, they're a good substitute for meat and other hard-to-chew sources of protein.

The only drawback to the incredible egg is that it is high in cholesterol. The egg yolk contains approximately 215 milligrams of cholesterol.

But... it's now thought that the nutrients, most noteably the thiamin, offsets any damage the cholesterol might cause.

And last but definitely not least, remember that the egg is one of nature's purest products! Mother nature knows what she's doing.

Enjoy the "incredible, edible egg"!

Egg Food Fixes

  1. Add a dab of tomato salsa to scrambled eggs, rice, or grilled meat.
  2. When you purchase your eggs, write the date of purchase on the carton. Do the same with your jarred and canned goods when you open them. This will help you determine how long the item has been exposed.
  3. Eggs retain their freshness best if they are refrigerated in their cartons, large end up.

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