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Fight Cholesterol With Phytosterols

Timeless Nutrition Tip

You know it is important to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains to stay healthy and help keep your blood glucose and LDL levels in check. These foods are generally high in fiber, low in saturated fat and have no cholesterol.

Fight Cholesterol With Phytosterols in Fresh Fruits

Plant sterols and plant stanols are collectively known as phytosterols. But unlike cholesterol, which raises blood cholesterol levels, the structure of phytosterols is just different enough to have the opposite effect!

Wheat Germ Plant sterols are plant compounds with chemical structures similar to that of cholesterol.

Especially high sterol levels are found in rice bran, wheat germ, corn oils, and soybeans.

In fact, because they are very poorly absorbed, they appear to act as a natural "cholesterol-blocker". Clinical evidence has shown that phytosterols are effective in lowering Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Both the National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Diabetes Association have recommended that people who are at risk for heart disease add these plant compounds to improve a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Fight Cholesterol with Phytosterols

If you don't suffer from high cholesterol now, try to eat more fruits to avoid the problem. Prevention is even better than waiting until it's too late.

Hawthorne Berries

Try Hawthorn Berries

The parts of the Hawthorn tree used are its flowers, leaves and berries. Rich in bioflavonoids, hawthorn berries have been used for thousands of years in China to treat indigestion and is widely known as a diuretic.

Since the 17th century, hawthorn berries are believed to lower blood pressure. They have also been used to treat various heart conditions.

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