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Free Radicals and Fried Foods

Timeless Nutrition Tip

Fried foods not only add too much fat, but by heating them in oil you create free radicals - not good!

Free radicals and fried foods

Free radicals are cellular damaging substances generated by environment from air, water pollutants, sunlight and radiation. Much of the food we buy lacks the essential vitamins and minerals. Our body is a marvelous machine, and when given the right nutrition, has the ability to maintain good health and even heal itself.

But those free radicals are "the bad guys". They are also produced as the natural byproduct of breathing. They damage the body and need to be neutralized by enzymes, which are normally present in our diet. Antioxidants, "the good guys", destroy those bad free radicals.

Tech Talk: Free radicals are highly reactive, unstable structures that are capable of destroying an enzyme, protein molecule or a complete cell by stealing an electron from healthy cells. What this means is, this sets off a chain reaction that has a "domino effect". They rapidly go out of control leading to the breakdown in the organs and other parts of the body including the brain and nervous system.

So try to avoid fried foods as much as is humanely possible for you. If you can eliminate them completely, all the better. Or indulge only occassionally - like 3 or 4 times a year tops.

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