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Good For the Heart

Timeless Nutrition Tip

People who eat beans, peanut butter and other legumes at least four times a week have a 21-percent lower risk of heart disease than those who eat legumes less than once a week.

Legumes Good for the Heart

These findings stem from a study of nearly 10,000 people over a 19 year period.

Legumes use nitrogen from the atmosphere to make protein and are an important protein source worldwide.

Researchers cannot pinpoint the specific reason(s); however, they feel certain that beans contain soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol. Lower cholesterol means a healthier heart.

Dry beans and peas are rich in fiber and a good source of protein. They are also an excellent source of folate. Foods containing folate help reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer probably because of folate's role in healthy cell division and repair of damaged cells.

So, perhaps you'll want to eat more beans! Think of them in terms of foods such as chickpea curry, split pea soup, rice and lentils, burritos, hummus and pasta e fagioli (Italian otherwise known as Mediterranean Soup).

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