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Can Sugar be an Addiction?

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Are high levels of sugar cravings an addiction similar to that of drugs and/or alcohol?

Can sugar be an addiction?

Some say it is while others say it is something similar, or more mild - a "Dependence". However it is a real problem for those who binge on sugary treats.

It is important to note that the study we learned this data from was based on rats. Rats were fed a sugary solution for 12-hour periods over a number of weeks. When they were abruptly cut off from their sugar supply, the rats developed mild withdrawal symptoms. When allowed access to sugar once again, they binged.

Sweet Treats To summarize, there does seem to be a resemblance to addiction in those of us who love our sweets and cannot seem to give them up. One of the researchers involved in this study feels genetics could play a role in this process, leading some people to be more prone than others to what we call "food abuse". Others (yours truly included) feel it is more likely a preference or at most, learned behavior. What are many of us most likely to associate with a "treat"? A sweet!

Addiction or not, we as individuals need to take responsibility in assessing whether or not we are eating too many sweets - if you think you are, then do something about it. No one else can...

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